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We are at that time of year when everyone working in the temporary staffing industry gets stuck in the office – many under complete sufferance! The annual increases to the Modern Awards is here!! You’ve heard the term the 5 Y’s - YYYYY. I have often asked myself the same question - Y do we keep on applying these changes this way? Y do we do this to ourselves and our teams? Y isn't there a better way, Y must I have to interpret awards, Y must they be written in such way... the Ys continue... 

The anchor virtually gets thrown out of the back of the boat in your business. In other words, your sales team gets consumed updating job orders, re-quoting clients, ensuring that they have interpreted any changes properly, interrupting your back-office engine room (whilst they are busily preparing and completing their own EOFY tasks) and still every year we keep on applying the Modern Awards changes in the same old way!

After years of being caught in this madness myself, I decided it was time to change things up, to take on what has never been done before, sounds like a cliché to a superman movie 😊. Well, I’m not sure that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound but I can take the fastest and safest way to the top and give your team their time back with not even a blink of an eye!

For years we have been using a range of very well constructed excel spreadsheets to maintain rates governance which, of course has worked really well and helped our business remain compliant as long as the human in charge of maintaining the rates didn’t make any mistakes and the rates remained updated and current.

Excel has been an excellent tool for any staffing business in the past, however with the innovations and changes to technology, bringing speed and accuracy to day to day tasks whilst delivering better results means that maintaining rates within an excel sheet is a potentially inaccurate, archaic and slow process. It is incredibly difficult to stay abreast of everything using purely an Excel sheet! Simple things get missed off on occasion, which leads to incorrect pay runs and billing for your candidates and clients and ultimately unpaid invoices choking your business of cashflow.

The World of work is changing and so must we. In this world of new age technology ai and bots, I ask the question again five times over YYYYY are we still producing rates and creating templates in this way? Using long winded, non-automated processes and expecting our staff to do work that is way outside of their comfort zone and skill sets. I hear your frustration of using multiple systems in the business and said systems not talking to each other and of course the manual processes to get to one simple outcome.

Ratescalc manages all of the modern awards, client EBA’s and collective agreements for your business and ensures (outside of the usual end of financial year changes) that nothing gets missed with increases to allowances and other conditions.

Ratescalc simplifies the process of calculating rates for all employment types:

  • Casual PAYG
  • Contractors
  • Permanent/ Permanent Part time PAYG
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • Flat Rates
  • Staff and materials

The application also has an integrated signing solution that can support quote acceptances including your terms and conditions of business.

If your business works in the supply of contingent staffing services, contractors and materials then join us for this not to be missed Webinar; on Friday 15th of June at 2 pm. 


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Ratescalc is currently integrated into multiple front office applications and payroll systems that support the recruitment industry.

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  • Fast quick accurate quotations to your potential clients
  • The ability for all of your team to quote accurately
  • Contractors, temporary workers, full time or fixed term employees are paid correctly every time! (subject to accurate timesheet interpretation)
  • Clients are invoiced accurately (subject to accurate timesheet interpretation)
  • Invoices are paid quicker due to the limitation of human error intervention
  • Reduction in legal/litigation fees in recovery of unpaid monies to your company